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Low Emission Zone Services

All filters are warranted for two years – in line with TfL’s specification. After that, the longevity of your filters depends on a number of factors.

First, choosing the right filter.

LEZ and our choice of diesel particulate filters

At Osborn, we fit Cawdell ART (Advanced Regenerative Trap) filters, which are highly effective at low temperatures, and suitable for both urban and trunking operations.

Our choice of Cawdell is significant. We believe that less expensive options are far more likely to fail, and can be very poor value as a result.

Correct installation is very important, of course.

But of all the measures you can take to ensure ongoing compliance, and maximize filter life, the key one is engine maintenance.

If your oil is contaminated, or you have a leaky injector, or a damaged turbo, emission levels will be raised, and your filter will start to fill up with the sticky residue that will reduce its lifespan.
It can also put your fuel consumption up.

Filters must be cleaned regularly too.
At Osborn, we use Cawdell’s own cleaning system – a combination of air/vacuum cycles and thermal treatment. It’s far more environmentally friendly than jet washing, and is designed so that, for Cawdell filters, annual cleaning is all that’s required.

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