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VOSA Approved Tachograph Centre

At Osborn, we have our own VOSA-approved tachograph centre, here at Leighton Buzzard. In addition to our expert digital and analogue repair services and calibration, we can also retrofit tachos to limousines or other small vehicles. And we are always up to speed on the latest legislation.

Don’t forget, If you tow, you need a tachograph

EU legislation requires that tachographs must be fitted to all vehicles with a gross mass exceeding 3,500kg, that are used in connection with ‘hire and reward’ (basically, that’s business use). Gross mass relates to the weight of the vehicle, any trailer towed behind it, and the weight imposed on the two.

Effectively, it means that if your vehicle tows for business, it will need a tachograph.

Here are some of the vehicle types included within the legislation:
– almost all panel vans
– 4×4 pick-ups
– sports utility vehicles (SUVs)

vosa tachograph

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