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MoT Preparation and Testing

In 2013 our MoT success rate hit 100%. It was impressive result, especially when you compare it with VOSA’s national stats. In the second quarter of 2013, only 77% of HGVs passed their MoTs at the initial test.

At the same time, VOSA published details of the results of roadside inspections. From April to June there were 32,660 roadside inspections carried out, resulting in 7,072 roadworthiness prohibitions.

Make sure your vehicles are in good shape throughout the year. Let Osborn take care of them.

Do remember that higher pass rates also keep your OCRS scores low. And that means there is less chance of being stopped by VOSA for a routine check.

The best possible preparation of your vehicles for MoT testing

Our headlamp analyser not only checks headlamp alignment, but also measures beam intensity. It’s also fully compatible with today’s xenon lamps. What’s more, it’s one of the few headlamp analysers that prints out a certificate of compliance – a real benefit when DVSA checks your headlamp maintenance records.

Our brake-roller testing machine provides an accurate picture of each wheel’s performance. Osborn’s fully loaded test trailer is designed for a meaningful brake-roller test on three axle tractor units, and it’s the ideal trailer to take for MoT presentation.

The following are all part of our MoT Preparation for your vehicles. They are also part of our Menu Pricing scheme.

MoT headlamp alignment test
MoT brake roller testing
MoT test trailer hire (where applicable)
Presentation for MoT
MoT steam clean
MoT test fees

No ministry plates – no MoT

Before a commercial vehicle goes for its annual test, it must have a plating certificate that shows the permitted axle and gross vehicle weights. When you first register a vehicle, it’s all part of the process in the DVLA’s V355 guidance notes. But if you bought a new vehicle from a dealer who registered it, you need to make sure the plating certificate is included.

If you have any problems or concerns, Osborn can advise.

MOT Prep 250x400

2 MOT Prep 250x400

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