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Preventative Maintenance

One of Osborn’s valuable services for customers is our preventative maintenance programme.
Keeping your vehicles working efficiently at all times is critical to your company’s financial health.
With Osborn, you can be confident your vehicles are always in good shape, with maintenance and servicing planned well in advance, and at a time to fit your schedule.

And with Osborn on your side, you know you’ll be conforming to the latest legislation.

For example, the DVSA are issuing immediate prohibitions for defective fuel systems and leaks.
There will be no more tolerance for even the smallest amount of diesel spillage.
All the more reason to talk with Osborn today.

When did you last have your particulate filters checked?

Diesel powered vehicles have been the mainstay of the European trucking business for a long time.
Properly maintained, and with well fitted, good quality particulate filters onboard, diesel vehicles are no more polluting than those using petrol.

At Osborn, we set the highest standards of maintenance and repairs for all of customers. So you can be sure that your vehicles are always in great shape. And they won’t be adding to air pollution problems.

Diesel particulate filters have to be warranted for two years, but longevity depends on correct installation, and proper, regular cleaning.

At Osborn we only fit Cawdell Advanced Regenerative Trap (ART) filters, which are highly effective at low temperatures, and suitable for both urban and trunking operations. Cawdell filters are not the cheapest, but we believe they are the best, and will help reduce your maintenance costs, and fuel consumption.

preventative maintenance

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